May 26, 2010

Two dreams last night. Both court dreams.

The first dream there was a man who had cut up a deer very badly and had gotten something out of the deer’s flesh that was illegal and immoral. Actually, I think the evidence was found for this one. He had greasy hair and eyebrows which proved that he did it.

The second dream was the actor Andy Serkis but he was dressed as Rigo from Little Dorrit. He did something bad and seduced Jane Austen’s Emma from the most recent film. She found the evidence in his glass eye. It was a glass orb that had water in it. It looked like the bottom of the ocean floor. And floating among the coral was a sewing pin.

July 2010

My mom had written a speech for a little boy’s funeral. There was a dental circumstance. I think the boy had wanted to be a dentist. Anyway, I wrote down what my mom said for the speech. During the funeral, I was the one who got up and gave the speech. But the paper had turned into a wooden scroll of some kind made up of numerous, beautiful wooden beads. I didn’t know what meant what. I said whatever I could think of: “Hide in the beautiful box where love and hate and life rest.”



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