The mango trees and bamboo shoots
Grow thick with jungle light,
And yellow-blue birds flash their wings,
Cascading into night.

The stars that glitter deep above
Surround a dark-skied moon
And glow like silver instruments,
Humming light into tunes.

Sitting next to silk-tangled plants
the two immortal gods
Man Adam and the woman Eve
Passed days in sleepy nods.

Crowned in vines on green-gilded thrones,
The gods drank mango juice
While naming every animal
And giving each a use.

But one day Eve went for a walk.
With curiosity,
She pushed away the jasmine and found
A simple apple tree.

Its branches softly limped with fruit
That glistened with the wind.
Its little leaves floated whispers
Of light with every bend.

Behind the gate and summer leaves
Where life is short and harsh,
The first real human-being was Eve
To lead them through the dark.


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