Joy for Joy!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013
Sonoma County, CA
This morning’s very cold. There was a strong wind coming from the ocean yesterday and it has made the day and the days to come, very cool.

This morning I awoke from a very pleasant dream in which I was a dog. I was chasing shadows on the pond at the house in Indiana where I grew up.

One particular shadow looked like a cow but it was moving like a car on the surface of the water. I felt fear that the shadow would cross into my territory and I felt excitement to have something to chase. The shadow travelled on as if I were nothing, chasing and barking at it.

Then, it was gone and I turned around and there was another dog and I tingled all over my body with this feeling: Joy for Joy!!! Joy for Joy!!!!

And the other dog responded in the same way: Joy for Joy!!!! Joy for Joy!!!!

It was like living completely in the moment and not judging it at all. It was joyful to chase the shadow and joyful to see the shadow appear and d i  s   a    p     p      e       a


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