This blog is meant to be a resource and an inspiration for creativity. Sometimes our imagination needs a little push to get started.

Over the years, I have kept journal entries and I want to share and create new ones in a place where they may be of good use to others as well as myself.

I’m currently in grad school studying screenwriting. I consider myself to be a creative person, but I go through phases where I doubt my talents and abilities.

Phases when I feel detached from my source of imagination and, during those periods, I yearn to reconnect to my inner ocean.

But I need a way to navigate back to the depths and horizons stretching before me.

I have found words to be a strong material to use in order to build those fleets of ships back to my heart.

Poems. Stories. Thoughts. Dreams.

And so I’d like this blog to be a way and a means to invite myself and others to sail toward those Ports of Imagination and to essentially, Arrive by Ocean.

This is my water offering for those who are thirsty.




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