Bodh Gaya, India

February 3, 2013
The World Peace Ceremony.

As things often do, it comes down to the people. Religion has always been more about people than Gods or Buddhas.

Where time does not exist there is a devotion to the human experience.

Spirituality–really witnessing and experiencing it–happens when there is a transcending quality of energy among or surrounding or integrated into the world of normality.

The World Peace Ceremony is the ultimate spiritual high. And I think I’m addicted.








Explain vs. Understand

Thoughts are like prayers.

Are you asking prayers of “Why?”

I did some thinking on the drive home after seeing a film, which I felt had no real emotional depth to it–no honest expression of an answer as to why we are here on this earth…

In my dissatisfaction, I saw myself as being a worthy person, rich in experiences of suffering–of rock bottoms. Someone who demands power in art. I want healing and catharsis.

If I don’t have an outlet to express the understanding I have from my own experiences as a human–a woman, on this planet, why did I have to go through so much?

But asking why is in reference to the past and the answers you get from a why question will also be rooted in the past. Potential is stunted. Asking “why am I suffering?” implies on a subconscious level “because I deserve it.”

This is the only sense a why question can bring with it. It’s a logic that can grow deep roots in our psyche and continue the patterns of suffering.

Logic is not the only answer. Our emotions are also important. And this changes the nature of the question we ask.

And that is how.

We are complex, but simple creatures who want to feel connection to ourselves, to come home. Asking “how” includes emotions in the conversation.

And asking, “how” provides a rich ground for realizations, insights, and wisdom–things that make life not just explained but instead understood.  And from understanding there is meaning and purpose to the suffering. There is the transcendence.

A God or Goddess will always be silent when you ask “why did this or that happened to me?”

Because “why” does not require you to embody your highest self. “Why” does not give meaning–only chaos, only more victimhood.

Instead of asking “Why am I suffering?,” ask:

“How am I suffering?”

It’s a gentle turning inward–of finding answers within because that is where your highest self lives and grows.

Perhaps it is just a matter of semantics.

But “why” can only give you answers of “because.”

Yet “how” can give you answers with all sorts of beginnings. Answers that are unique to you and your experiences.